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A legendary calibre in a state of perpetual evolution

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El Primero

El Primero, “The First” in Esperanto. The one that opened up the field boundless possibilities in 1969 by becoming the first ever automatic integrated column-wheel chronograph movement. Not to mention the world’s most precise high-frequency series-made calibre, which it still is to this day. It gave its name to a complete collection and single-handedly embodies the Zenith spirit: that of daring, authenticity and pleasure. This brand icon beats faster than the others and shatters the limits of precision.

It adopts mechanical intricacies enabling it to establish new codes, reinventing them to give life to its ideas. It forges a legend inside a case, making its movement a major feat in its own right. It follows its instinct in creating, undertaking, building – and fulfilling its destiny. Constantly on the move, it welcomes new complications and unprecedented mechanisms, while remaining the most precise, the most reliable, the best-preforming – and quite simply “The First”.