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Ethical Commitments

Responsible watchmaking:
Zenith is RJC-certified.

The RJC is an international organization working to promote ethical, social and environmentally responsible practices, with respect for human rights, from one end of the jewelry industry to the other, from extraction to the sales counter. The Swiss Watchmaking Manufacture Zenith is proud to be RJC-certified for having fulfilled the standards established by the organization's certification system.

"Honesty, legality, transparency and proper management, but also trust, respect and cooperation: these are Zenith's fundamental ethical principles. They allow us to be a responsible player in the watchmaking industry. Being a member of the RJC is very important to us because it reflects our desire to encourage good practices at every level, particularly in the gold and diamond industry," comments Aldo Magada, CEO of Zenith.
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Kimberley process:
"clean" diamonds.

The Kimberley process is the product of a joint initiative between governments, the industry and civil society. Adopted in 2003 by more than 75 countries, it aims to curb the trade of rough diamonds from areas of conflict, as defined by the United Nations. The Kimberley certification process ensures, through the issuance of a certificate, that no rough diamond that has crossed an international border between two signing countries has come from an area of conflict.

In accordance with the resolutions of the United Nations, and based on the written guarantees provided by its suppliers, Zenith certifies that all of its diamonds are cut from legitimate sources and are not involved in armed conflict.
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    A vast network of service centers
    around the world is at your
    disposal so that you may benefit
    from the expertise of watchmakers
    who are properly trained to maintain
    and repair your watch, and to restore
    vintage timepieces.