• 8/10/12

    Opening of a New Zenith Boutique in Ginza - Tokyo, Japan

    A few days ago, a boutique exclusively dedicated to watches from the Swiss watch manufacturer Zenith has opened on one of Tokyo's most prestigious area, at Ginza, Chuo-dori. This new concept store is far more than just a boutique...

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  • 8/2/12


    Two new boutiques exclusively dedicated to watches from the Swiss Manufacture Zenith opened their doors in China, two weeks apart. On January 1, 2012, the first store opened in Wuhan, at the heart of the Wuhan International Plaza...

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  • 6/27/12


    The Manufacture Zenith has always been sensitive to the tastes of women, who have indeed played a key role in its history. It was in particular thanks to the support and encouragement of his wife that Georges Favre-Jacot created the Manufacture that would become Zenith. The advent of the Zenith...

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  • 6/22/12

    10th Famous GAISBERG RALLY in Salzburg, Austria

    The Oldtimer Rally, which has reverted to its roots since the start of the 21st century, certainly proved a good day out for the international participants and 220 guests who accepted the invitation of Salzburg’s VIP jeweler “Koppenwallner”...

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