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Service centres

Far more than just a beautiful object, a watch crafted by Zenith is a concentrated blend of precision, innovation and expertise. It also procures the certainty of having acquired a timepiece designed to last for years thanks to a broad network of service centres around the world.
Whether for maintenance, repair or restoration of historical models, all the watchmakers in the brand’s officially authorised service centres have been specially trained within the Manufacture Zenith in keeping with the grand watchmaking tradition.
From the simplest to the most delicate, each intervention is preceded by clear and transparent information sent to the watch owner and notably relating to the diagnosis, costs, lead times and dispatch methods. No operation is undertaken without the customer’s prior agreement. It is important to notify clients that any intervention made outside our officially authorised service centre is not guaranteed.

Whatever their location around the world, service centres can rely on Zenith’s expertise. The comprehensive integration of all watchmaking professions within the Manufacture in Le Locle means that most watches can be restored.

Thanks to craftsmanship perpetuated for almost a century and a half, century-old pocket watches are given a new lease of life in the Swiss workshops.

The Manufacture is able where necessary to make specific parts on a one-off basis – a rarity in the watch industry and which is particularly useful when it comes to restoring historical timepieces. This is essential in that time must have no hold on Zenith watches, for which exceptions have become the rule.

  • Care for your watch

    for your watch


    We recommend that you take your watch for maintenance at a Zenith boutique, or authorized retailer, or that you send it to the Zenith official service center of your choice.

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  • International Warranty



    An international warranty covers your watch for any manufacturing defects over a period of two years, taking effect from the date of purchase.

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  •  Maintenance Rates



    The total cost of service depends on the overall state of the watch and can only be assessed following an inspection by a Zenith watchmaker.

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  • Extrait de registres


    Extract from the Zenith registers

    Discover the model, functions, calibre and production date of your timepiece based on its serial numbers.

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  • Certificat d'origine


    Zenith certificate of origin

    To certify that your timepiece originates from ZENITH, and to obtain a detailed description of it based on an in-depth examination in our ZENITH Workshops in Le Locle.

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