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Entretien de votre montre

All Zenith watches are equipped with a mechanical movement entirely developed and produced, according to the most exacting watch industry standards. So as to ensure that you will enjoy the exceptional precision and beauty of your timepiece for many years to come, it requires periodical maintenance. Zenith recommends having your watch checked and where necessary repaired every three to five years by an officially authorised service centre.

To submit it for maintenance, you may take your watch to a brand boutique or an official retailer, or send it to the Zenith service centre of your choice. The original presentation box is not necessary, but the watch must be well protected, accompanied if possible by the original guarantee card and, if dispatched, shipped by a secure means. Zenith will confirm due receipt of the watch, and a qualified watchmaker will open your watch case, verify its smooth operation, water resistance and movement functions, as well as proceeding to an overall check before preparing a cost estimate. Depending on the diagnosis, he will offer two types of service: a partial service or a complete service.

Detail of overhaul operations – partial service or complete service
In a complete service, the watchmaker will overhaul the movement. To do this, he will entirely dismantle the calibre, clean each part and replace any defective components. He will then wind the movement, lubricate it, adjust it and then proceed to check the rate, the functions and its autonomy.
Refurbishment of the case and bracelet will be performed in both complete or partial services. The operation starts with cleaning the case and the metal bracelet in an ultrasound bath. All gaskets (case, crown, pushers and correctors) will then be replaced, after which the watch will be cased up and the bracelet fitted. In a complete service, the metal case and bracelet will also be buffed.
Both partial and complete overhauls end with a quality control. The watchmaker will check the water resistance in accordance with the model’s specifications, and then proceed to a final inspection of the watch according to Zenith’s rigorous quality criteria. In a complete service, a final control of the movement in five positions and of its functions will be performed.

General tips on using your watch
In order to safeguard your watch from potential damage, Zenith recommends taking the following precautionary measures:

  • • Keep the watch away from all types of magnetic fields (computer screen, TV, clock radio, etc.)
  • • Do not expose the watch to heat sources
  • • Do not use the chronograph hand as a central sweep seconds hand (in constant motion)
  • • Before any contact with water, ensure that the crown is properly pushed in against the case
  • • After bathing in the sea, systematically rinse the watch in fresh water
  • • Avoid wearing the watch when pursuing sports that will have a “violent” effect on the movement (golf, tennis, horse-riding, etc.)
  • • On a chronograph model, do not operate the pushers when the watch is immersed in water