The ZENITH ICONS collection gives some the manufacture’s most emblematic and rare vintage watches from the 1960s and 1970s a second life. The Zenith Manufacture sources, restores and authenticates these rare and historical timepieces, repsecting its original traits and condition and offering buyers peace of mind with complete tracability.

With an archive spanning Zenith’s entire production since its foundation in 1865, as well as a vast inventory of spare parts, Zenith Icons vintage watches are restored in the very same place that they were originally made and using historical components; a feat very few watch manufactures can claim. Zenith now invites its customers to discover and shop some of its most significant creations from the comfort and convenience of a Zenith boutique, with the peace of mind in knowing that there can be no doubt about the watch’s provenance and history, and that it has been restored faithfully by the Manufacture with complete traceability.

ACT #1


In 1969, Zenith forever changed the world of watchmaking with the unveiling of the El Primero, the world’s first automatic high-frequency chronograph calibre. But it wasn’t only the movement that was groundbreaking. The watch models that were equipped with the revolutionary calibre were also lauded for their contemporary and singular designs, which continue to inspire and fascinate watch aficionados and discerning collecters 50 years later.