Watch Authentication Service - ZENITH


The ZENITH Certificate of Origin is an official document drawn up after an in-depth examination of your timepiece in our ZENITH Workshops in Le Locle.

This document will enable you to certify that the movement, the case and the dial of your timepieces originate from ZENITH. It will be issued along with a detailed description of the model, the functions, the calibre, the case, the dial and the production date of your timepiece, based on data from the Registers and the Archives of the Manufacture, complemented by a meticulous analysis of your timepiece by our watchmaking experts in Le Locle.

Wherever possible, we will enclose with the document reproductions of extracts from historical catalogues or vintage adverts corresponding to your watch model.

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Watch Authentication Service - ZENITH

We kindly request that you send us your timepiece via our authorised service centers, boutiques or retailers. Watches dispatched directly to us will not be taken in hand.

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The ZENITH Certificate of Origin is issued only providing the movement, the case and the dial of your timepieces are indeed of ZENITH origin.

If such were not the case, the expenses of the examination procedure (corresponding to CHF 100) would be charged to you and the watch would be sent back.

Given that the ZENITH Certificate of Origin does not include an estimate of the value of your timepiece, we recommend that you contact a specialised auctioneer for information in this regard.

Price: CHF 400.- including tax/excluding additional logistics expenses

Languages: this document is available in English and French.

Estimated research lead time: 40 working days.