To express the modern femininity of the versatile and whimsical DEFY Midnight, the brand's first-ever collection tailored exclusively for women, ZENITH has brought together visionary, independent women who have pursued their passion and reached their star against all odds: The DREAMHERS. Inspiring others by their examples and accomplishments, ZENITH DREAMHERS is all about shining the light on relatable women who have paved their own paths.



American professional ballerina Precious Adams has dedicated her life to becoming one of the preeminent stars in the world of classical dance, while advocating diversity and inclusiveness in professional ballet.

Sheila Sim

Accomplished model. Acclaimed actress. Successful businesswoman. Well-being advocate. Devoted mother. These are just some of the many roles that Singaporean media personality Sheila Sim has taken on over the years.


ZENITH's Japanese "Friend of the Brand" Airi Hatakeyama has already reached two stars in her life. First as a rhythmic gymnast representing Japan in the Olympic games, then as a beloved TV personality.

Laura Noltemeyer

What began as a blog to share Laura Noltemeyer’s passion for design, art and fashion rapidly grew into an international brand of its own. The German entrepreneur has used her industry experience to accomplish a lifelong dream: her own cosmetic brand.

Ghizlan Guenez

Guenez has revolutionized the world of prêt-à-porter fashion by establishing The Modist, the largest global e-commerce platform that offers luxury fashion for those who prefer to dress modestly.

Laetitia Guarino

Former Miss Switzerland Laetitia Guarino has combined her two passions of modeling and medicine to help and inspire those in need. While studying to become a surgeon, she's an active ambassador for a number of humanitarian causes.

Amandine Chaignot

Instead of following in her family's footsteps of studying science and working in pharmacology, French chef Amandine Chaignot chose to risk it all and follow her passion of cooking, training under some of France's most renowned chefs and opening her own restaurant.

Teresa J. Cuevas

From an accomplished architect to an aspiring abstract painter, Spanish artist Teresa J. Cuevas uses her art and platform as a means to express a universal message of simplicity, light, peace and connection with nature.

Song Jia

Song Jia is one of the most accomplished and inspirational actors of her generation. She is an ambassador of several social and environmental causes close to her heart, spreading awareness to her massive audience.

Time to reach your star - ZENITH Watches

DREAMHERS marks the beginning of a new chapter for ZENITH and its unique approach to women’s watches, as it celebrates those who share its “Time to Reach Your Star” philosophy. It’s a call to action to women all over the world to go out there and chase their dreams, no matter what obstacles lie ahead on their path. ZENITH looks forward to sharing their unique stories with its audience and introducing more DREAMHERS in the coming months.


ZENITH supports women who live the "Time to Reach Your Star" philosophy, and offers them a place to thrive and achieve their dreams within its Manufacture and subsidiaries around the world. Here are some of the women at ZENITH who have taken on leading roles across all its activities.


"Like time itself, the pursuit of perfection at ZENITH is limitless. It drives me to outdo myself everyday."


"The depth of our heritage is what drives me to connect more universes and develop ZENITH's legacy ever further."