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Entirely skeletonised movement : El Primero 8812 S "Gravity Control" gyroscopic module that ensures horizontal positioning of the regulating organ Now occupies only 30% of its initial volume Inspired by the legendary marine chronometers Openworked dial

Ref 95.9000.8812/78.R584


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DEFY Zero G - Brushed Titanium with leather strap - Zenith Watches

The DEFY Zero G houses the gravity-defying Zenith gyroscopic regulating organ module in a newly designed skeleton movement. The 44mm titanium case is complemented by the blue alligator and rubber strap.

Technical features

  • Diameter 44 MM
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DEFY Zero G back case - Brushed Titanium with leather strap - Zenith Watches

Gravity has long been the bane of watchmakers. Zenith has developed an innovative and unique solution, in the form of its gyroscopic “gravity control” regulating organ module. Inspired by marine chronometers, which often featured a gimbal system to compensate the effects of gravity, this principle has been reinterpreted by Zenith for the wristwatch. This spherical system composed of 139 tiny components has been entirely redesigned and optimised so as to increase its efficiency while keeping its dimensions applicable in a wristwatch movement.