Heritage - Gandhi - Zenith Watches


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also known as Mahatma Gandhi, was a leader of non-violence who fought for equal rights, independence and the right to self-determination.

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Heritage - Gandhi - ZENITH Watches

After several decades of watchmaking and gaining an international reputation as the preeminent makes of the most precise watches known to man, ZENITH began selling in India as early as 1901. Mahatma Gandhi himself was given a ZENITH pocket watch by his friend Jawaharlal_Nehru, India’s Prime Minister from 1947 to 1964.


Heritage - Gandhi - ZENITH Watches

This silver pocket watch became one of his rare few material possessions and accompanied his daily life, notably signalling his prayer times thanks to its alarm function. To his great regret, it was stolen from him during a train journey to Kanpur, but fortunately the thief was filled with guilt and remorse, and returned it to him six months later while begging his forgiveness. This anecdote about his ZENITH watch was shared by Gandhi in his journal.