Exclusive combination : Tourbillon Fusee-Chain Calibre Chain made of 575 components Manual winding El Primero Tourbillon with Fusée-Chain escapement Constant force fusée-chain transmission connected to the barrel

Ref 40.9000.4805/75.R582


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DEFY Fusee Tourbillon in a 44mm platinum case is a futuristic take on the fusee & chain constant force mechanism, combined with a tourbillon in a skeleton movement for consistent precision.

Zenith DEFY Fusee Tourbillon Platinum watch is a futuristic skeleton execution of the fusee & chain mechanism, paired with a tourbillon.

Technical features

  • Diameter 45 MM
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DEFY Fusée Tourbillon Platinum

The “fusee and chain” system is a centuries-old mechanism that provides constant force transmission in a movement. It features miniature chain is coiled around a conical “fusee” and attached to the mainspring barrel. As the mainspring unwinds, more of the chain wraps around the barrel, coming off the wide conical bottom of the fusee.
The greater turning movement provided by the fusee compensates the weakening mainspring pull, keeping the torque and, consequently, the amplitude of the regulating organ constant throughout the duration of the mainspring’s autonomy. By combining the fusee and chain mechanism with a tourbillon regulating organ, Zenith places precision at the forefront of its unique take on haute horlogerie, with a uniquely modernistic design language.