International Watch Warranty - Zenith


Zenith watches are high-precision, high-tech products. Before leaving the workshops of the Manufacture, your watch has undergone several days of stringent quality and performance tests. An international guarantee nonetheless covers any potential manufacturing flaws for a period of two years as of the date of purchase, apart from the special Complimentary 50-Year Warranty complete with Services. You may also obtain an additional one-year guarantee by registering your watch online.

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Zenith watches are the product of our Manufacture and are high-precision, high-tech products. Before your watch leaves the Manufacture, it is subjected to numerous stringent quality checks. However, should there be any manufacturing faults, an international warranty means your watch is covered for two years starting from the date of purchase.

Sign up on our website to receive an additional year's warranty (i.e. three years in total). This warranty is observed by service centers approved by Zenith worldwide if the following cumulative conditions are observed:

  • The watch has been purchased from an official dealer as approved by Zenith; your name, address, the date of purchase and the watch reference are clearly detailed on the warranty card.
  • Your watch is worn in normal conditions and maintained in accordance with Zenith's recommended care instructions and has not been subjected to improper handling.
  • The warranty card, the only valid proof of purchase, must be sent along with your watch to an authorized Zenith service center.

PLEASE be aware that Zenith's international warranty does not cover normal ageing of your watch, natural wear and tear of the leather, fabric or rubber straps, nor any scratches that may appear on the case or sapphire crystals during use.

The decision to repair a Zenith-watch or take any other appropriate measure under this warranty is at the sole discretion of Zenith, Branch of LVMH Swiss Manufactures SA or its official service centers.

This guarantee automatically cancels and replaces all other guarantees incorporated in national legislation. Certain local regulations (especially within the European Union) may forbid the exclusion, in which case the exclusion of the above-mentioned guarantee does not apply. In such case, especially within the European Union, the consumer has – in addition to this guarantee – legal rights under the applicable national legislation governing the sale of consumer goods, which are not affected by this guarantee,





Zenith will offer spare parts for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase.


Zenith, a branch of LVMH Swiss Manufactures SA, certifies that the diamonds in your watch have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in the financing of armed conflict and in accordance with United Nations resolutions. The seller thus guarantees that these diamonds are not used to finance armed conflicts, at least to his knowledge and / or according to written guarantees issued by the supplier of these precious stones. These gems have been carefully selected from the best in the world.


Certain internal and inaccessible components of the movements in these watches may be manufactured with alloys which contain small quantities of lead. The use of lead is necessary in our current manufacturing processes to guarantee the machinability of certain components. The use of the substance does not present a danger of migration or exposure for downstream users or consumers and is authorized by the applicable legislation.


The RJC is an international organization working to promote ethical, social and environmentally responsible practices, with respect for human rights, from one end of the jewelry industry to the other, from extraction to the sales counter. The Swiss Watchmaking Manufacture Zenith is proud to be RJC-certified for having fulfilled the standards established by the organization’s certification system.


The Kimberley process is the product of a joint initiative between governments, the industry and civil society. Adopted in 2003 by more than 75 countries, it aims to curb the trade of rough diamonds from areas of conflict, as defined by the United Nations. The Kimberley certification process ensures, through the issuance of a certificate, that no rough diamond that has crossed an international border between two signing countries has come from an area of conflict. Based on the written guarantees provided by its suppliers, Zenith certifies that all of its diamonds are cut from legitimate sources and are not involved in armed conflict.