Defy Inventor Greater China

Starting off at the right frequency

Following a compelling press conference with CEO Julien Tornare and brand ambassador Eason Chan, members of the press, VIP clients and partners were invited to celebrate the arrival of the DEFY Inventor in Greater China at the High Frequency party. With an ultramodern high-tech set-up that could have been from a distant future, a combination of moving art using LED lights and projections and upbeat music set the tone for the new era of Zenith: Faster, edgier and more dynamic than ever.


The event also marked the start of new Zenith campaign, titled “Time to Reach Your Star”. As a manufacture that has remained in the pursuit of excellence since its foundation in 1865 and an achiever of several world-firsts, including the first trademarked “Pilot’s Watch” and the El Primero – the first automatic chronograph movement, Zenith owes its success to individuals who strive to accomplish extraordinary feats. Time to Reach Your Star is a call to the visionary in each of us to work towards our dreams against all odds.


Kicking off the campaign in Greater China is brand ambassador Eason Chan, a gifted high-achiever known to the Chinese public as the "God of Songs". Chan’s skilful control of rhythm, tempo, pitch and emotion, coupled with his persistence in all endeavours, has resulted in a number of his classic hits winning major music awards. His architectural approach to his craft, along with an unmistakably urban appeal and a perpetually youthful ‘start-up spirit” are all entirely in tune with the contemporary Zenith attitude. His accomplishments are certainly those of someone who has risen to reach his star.


Inside the innovation

Beating at the unprecedented high frequency of 18 Hz (compared to the usual 4 Hz or slower in most movements), the DEFY Inventor owes its exceptional properties to a groundbreaking technology developed and patented by the Zenith manufacture: the single-piece Zenith Oscillator. This monolithic component replaces the 30 or so components that make up a traditional regulating organ, foregoing the sprung balance that has remained virtually unchanged for over three centuries. First debuted in the DEFY Lab series of ten unique pieces, the revolutionary device has been perfected in the DEFY Inventor, the first serially produced watch to feature the Zenith Oscillator. As befits such a futuristic concept, the avant-garde case with strong architectural lines is made of lightweight titanium and Aeronith – an innovative aluminium-polymer composite.


An exclusive DEFY Inventor for Greater China

The launch event was also the perfect time to introduce the new DEFY Inventor Greater China edition, featuring a diamond-set case and an anthracite treatment on the open dial’s central star-shaped element to which the Zenith Oscillator is fixed. Combining the future of traditional watchmaking with its reinterpretation of the regulating organ and the timeless allure of diamonds, this edition of the DEFY Inventor is available exclusively at Zenith boutiques and retailers in Greater China.


ZENITH: the future of Swiss watchmaking

With innovation as its guiding star, Zenith features exceptional in-house developed and manufactured movements in all its watches, such as the DEFY Inventor with its monolithic silicon oscillator manufactured with the highest technical process, and the DEFY El Primero 21 with its high-frequency 1/100th of a second chronograph. Since its establishment in 1865, Zenith has consistently redefined the notions of precision and innovation, including the first “Pilot Watch” at the dawn of aviation and the first serially produced “El Primero” automatic chronograph calibre. Always one step ahead, Zenith is writing a new chapter in its unique legacy by setting new standards of performance and inspired design. Zenith is here to shape the future of Swiss watchmaking, accompanying those who dare to challenge time itself and reach for the stars.