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Our commitments

For ZENITH, innovation is synonymous with sustainability. Under the HORIZ-ON initiative, ZENITH’s commitments can be grouped into three broad categories: Inclusion & Diversity, Sustainability and Employee Wellbeing. Governed by the ZENITH executive committee as well as a newly established Corporate Social Responsibility committee that counts on the guidance of external experts, the Manufacture is embarking on a new chapter where its impact on the environment and people is central to the brand’s decision-making.
ZENITH’s engagements and commitments are tailored to the brand’s two main pillars: women’s empowerment and environmentally conscious sustainability.

Women empowerment


A platform for independent, dream-chasing women to inspire and be inspired. ZENITH DREAMHERS brings together women from all over the world who pursue their passions and chase their dreams against all odds.

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Offering its past creations a second life and connoisseurs the chance to own a piece of watchmaking history, ZENITH ICONS proposes curated collections of vintage watches that have been sourced, restored and certified by the Manufacture.

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The motorsport of the future, racing for environmental sustainability and gender equality.

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There’s no action that’s too small when creating a brighter future. ZENITH seeks new ways to create sustainably while promoting values of gender equality and supporting worthy causes.

A global symbol for breast cancer awareness and prevention

ZENITH supports PinkRibbon Switzerland, a charitable organization that spreads awareness about the disease and the importance of early detection through various activities and fundraising initiatives.

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A platform for women to empower and inspire each other

Shero by LVMH is a digital platform and community to empower the group’s talented women while fostering a veritable community that will help women the their professional fulfillment.

Planting the seeds of sustainability with customers

Part of ZENITH’s commitment to reducing single-use plastics, the LVMH One To Tree initiative allows customers to opt out of traditional packaging and contribute to planting trees instead.