Felipe Pantone

Beating to
the same frequency

ZENITH and Felipe Pantone express high-frequency chronometry through light and colours.

From the wall
to the wrist

Filipe Pantone work

One of the most prolific contemporary artists of our times, Felipe Pantone has created a true work of art with ZENITH that is instantly recognizable in the artist’s signature dynamic style.

Engraved case
and bezel

The grid pattern is a signature Felipe Pantone design element, which has been meticulously laser-engraved onto the bezel. The “FP#1” engraving on the four corners of the ceramic case denotes the first ZENITH x Felipe Pantone watch collaboration, as well as a nod to the El Primero calibre.

Lightning bolt hands

Inspired by the lighting bolt that figures in much of Felipe Pantone’s work, the central hour and minute hands are given an intentionally distorted look, with a gradient rainbow PVD treatment applied – two world-firsts in watchmaking.

Filipe Pantone indicator
Filipe Pantone indicator

Each of the applied index markers is filled with a different colour of lacquer, displaying the full spectrum of visible light.

Engraved Bridge
To reproduce a “moiré” effect on the top bridge, PVD and precise laser-engraving technology are used.
50Hz Balance Wheel
Operating at a staggering rate of 360’000 VpH, the second balance wheel is used to regulate the 1/100th of a second chronograph – the fastest and most precise ever made.
5Hz Balance Wheel
Visible through the open dial, the balance wheel beats at a high frequency of 36’000 VpH, keeping the chronometric precision independent from the chronograph.
Rainbow PVD
A unique rainbow PVD coating reflecting a gradient of colours is applied to the chronograph barrel bridge.

DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone edition - ZENITH Watches

Taking on the form of an art book, the presentation box of the DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone features a print of the artwork created by Felipe Pantone exclusively for this ZENITH limited edition series.

DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone edition - ZENITH Watches

Each DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone will come with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist.

Signature Style

DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone edition - ZENITH Watches

In his unmistakable signature style, Felipe Pantone incorporated elements of the El Primero calibre near the centre of an artwork created just for this watch series, appearing on the cover of the DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone’s box with a signed certificate.

DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone edition - ZENITH Watches

In 2020, ZENITH offered Felipe Pantone the façade of its main building in Le Locle as a canvas, marking the first time that a watch manufacture has collaborated with a contemporary artist in such a way.


DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone edition - ZENITH Watches

The artist’s creative space. Felipe Pantone’s atelier in Valencia, Spain is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment to help materialize his imagination into tangible works of art.

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